Recruiting Affiliate Partnerships and Reviewing Affiliate Applications for your Program


A successful affiliate strategy involves continually adding new partners to your program. This can be accomplished in a number of ways and in the following sections we will review a number of strategies including:



With over 10,000 affiliates in the AvantLink network - and counting - you are sure to find the best partners to represent your brand.  

Navigate to Affiliates>Affiliate Recruitment: 

From the Affiliate Recruitment page, you can search for Affiliates based on a wide array of criteria:

  • Affiliate Classifications (for example: Coupon, Loyalty, Content, etc.) 
  • Website Category (for example: Health & Beauty, Sports & Fitness, Travel, etc.)
  • Specific Affiliate Information under Search Restrictions (for example: Affiliate ID, Website ID, Affiliate Name, Website URL) 
  • Traffic by Country

You can also view your affiliate list based on the relationship status - Available recruits, Pending offers, Accepted offers, Declined offers. 

Searching by Available recruits, will provide a list of affiliates you can recruit into your program. 

Once you have identified a prospective partner, select Details to access the Recruiting tab and send the affiliate an offer. 

Insider Tips:

      • If you are recruiting an affiliate that you are eager to bring into your program, you may want to increase their commission rate. You can also uncheck the Send standard affiliate recruitment offer email (see last screenshot). This will allow you to customize your recruitment message.
      • By default, the Affiliate Recruitment page will not have any filters set. This will allow you to search all available affiliates. When searching all, sort by Signup Date by clicking the column header to bring all new AvantLink affiliates to the top. Review this list once a week to ensure your program is not missing out on any lucrative partners.
      • Make sure your program’s recruiting email template is up-to-date.
      • Be persistent. If an affiliate has not accepted or declined your offer within 30 days, you can then send them another offer. However, if an affiliate denies your application, you are unable to send them another offer.
      • Organize your newly activated affiliates using Tag Groups


As your affiliate program grows, you will receive offers from affiliates wanting to join your program. Reviewing, approving, and denying these applications in earnest will ensure that you continue to bring on the best partners to represent your brand.

Navigate to Affiliates > Affiliate Program Applications: 

From the Affiliate Program Applications page, you can review all pending affiliate offers. 
You can also sort your the list based on their Active and Denied status.  Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_2.31.49_PM.png

To accept or deny each application, simply select Details>Application> either Active or Denied from the drop down. This tab will also allow you to activate an affiliate at a different base commission rate, if needed. 


Insider Tips:

      • Review your pending applications weekly. In most cases, these applications will auto-approve in seven days from the application date.
      • Thoroughly review your affiliate applications by asking some general questions:
        • Does the site have strong traffic? (Browser plug-ins like Alexa may help.)
        • Does the site have a strong social media following? (Browser plug-ins like WeFind may help.)
        • Is the site aesthetically pleasing? Easy to read? On Brand?
        • Are all links functional? 
        • Is it apparent where and how the affiliate will promote your brand?
      • If you have any questions about a pending affiliate, reach out directly and ask them to review their affiliate strategies and how they plan to promote your brand. 
      • Organize your newly activated affiliates using Tag Groups


You may come across partners whom you wish to work with that are not in AvantLink. In these cases, you can invite them to become an affiliate in the network by sending them a recruitment link. 

To access your company’s public recruiting link:

  • Locate your merchant details page on the AvantLink’s list of programs:
  • Copy and send the URL linked to the Apply Now button

Using this link ensures your affiliate recruit’s application is co-branded with your program's name. This alerts our compliance department and will help expedite the approval process. If you have any questions about the approval or denial of your out-of-network recruitment partners, email


Ensuring you’re adding new partners on a regular basis is crucial to the success of your program. If you have any questions about this article or the tactics discussed, please email



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