Troubleshooting Your Affiliate Link

Disclaimer: You should not place an order through your own affiliate link, unless explicitly agreed to by the merchant.

1. Make sure the link is in the following format (this link is intentionally inactive)

Your link should be in this format. Additional url parameters may exist but these are the defaults

2. Ensure you are not using Incognito Mode, blocking cookies, or using any blocking plugins. There are many 3rd browser plugins that can block affiliate links from tracking, such as Noscript, Adblock, and Ghostery.

3. Click on the link. You should then land on the merchant website, with a url parameter "avad", (ex. ""). If this is not happening in your browser, the merchant's tracking may be down, or something in your browser is preventing the link from working.

4. Check on the merchant site for a cookie called "avmws". You can do this by opening your developer tools, going to the "storage" tab, and searching for the cookie. If this cookie doesn't exist, something in your browser has prevented the cookie from being set.

5. The final thing to check is the merchant tracking. This must be done from the merchant side. Please reach out to the merchant to ask them to test their tracking and they will be able to do so.

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