Affiliate Commission Payout FAQ

General Questions
When does AvantLink pay affiliates?
AvantLink pays affiliates on the 25th of each month. You can also withdraw your available balance on demand via direct deposit.
What is included in the payment made on the 25th of each month?
Payments will include any commissions, bonuses, paid placement earnings and Cost Per Click earnings that have been paid for by the merchant. We do not pay out commissions until the merchant has paid us. As soon as a merchant pays us for commissions owed to you, those funds become available to you in your ‘Available Balance’.
How do I find out which specific transactions are included in a payment? 
For pending and available balances go to the ‘Account’ → ‘Balance Summary’ page in your account interface to view the details of your payments.
For past payouts go to the ‘Account’ → 'Payout History’.
How do I know which of my merchants have paid their invoices?
The merchants that have paid their invoices will show up in the available balance section on the balance summary page. You can access your balance summary by clicking on your balance in the header of your account interface.
Is there any way to withdraw my balance on demand?
Yes. In the US network Tipalti allows for an withdrawals to be made before the 25th. See the Tipalti Withdraw Now Walkthrough for information on how to do that. 
How do I audit my payments if I am pulling reporting via the API?
We will be adding payment related API modules in the very near future. We will send out a notification when those new API modules are available.
Why did the monthly payments change from the 20th to the 25th of each month?
Most merchants payments are not received by the 20th of the month. However, most payments are received by the 25th of each month.
Since we are no longer able to pay commissions before we receive payment from merchants, moving payments to the 25th of the month means that you are much more likely to receive the majority of your commissions earned through the last day of the previous month.
Why are paper checks no longer available?
Paper checks expose AvantLink to potential fraud issues since our account number is on the check. Due to past issues with fraud, we have decided to discontinue the paper check option.
What is my pending balance and when will it become available?
Your pending balance is the amount of money that you have earned from your merchant programs that has not yet been paid for by the merchants. The balance will become available once we have received payment from the merchants.
To view the status and due dates of pending invoices from your merchants, go to the ‘Balance Summary’ page and click on a merchant name under the ‘Pending’ section.
What does "Locked" status mean?
"Locked" means that we have already transferred the funds from our general account to a Payables account, usually specifically for Paypal, since it takes on the order of 10 days to process that. The "lock" just means that once those funds are populated on our side, or have been transferred to Paypal, there's no going back. It's in a "processing" mode that is non-cancellable.
Can I use International Bank Accounts?
Through Tipalti any affiliate in the US network can be paid via wire transfer to most international bank accounts (fees do apply to wire transfers) Please note, AU network can use Australia based bank accounts, and CA network can use Canadian based bank accounts.
Special Note for Australian Bank Users: Unfortunately, our system requires only numeric SWIFT codes, and some AU banks may have letters in their swift codes. This will fail on our side. We recommend using Paypal instead.
Special Note for Canadian Bank account users: Please ensure that you're using your Transit Number and Institution number in the Routing Field, even if your bank provides a separate Routing Number.
Do I have to provide tax forms?
Note: This information is not complete, and you should check with your local jurisdiction and tax laws to be sure.
With the new Tipalti system we allow users to automatically submit their tax documents via the platform automatically. For more details regarding updating and filing tax information please refer to Tipalti Payout Walkthrough.  
What if I close my account?
No worries! We will send any balance in your account to you, via paper check, to the address on file. This process of review takes 90 days to ensure all amounts are finalized, so generally you will be paid on the 25th of the month after 90 days from your account closure.
If you have PayPal payment method, we may be able to pay via that instead -- please reach out to us at
Automatic Payments
How do I set up Automatic Payments?
Under the Account tab in your platform there is a "Manage Payment and Tax Info" button that will allow you to setup your automatic payment through the third-party app Tipalti.
What is the Minimum Threshold for Automatic Payments?
The default minimum threshold is $50. You can update your threshold via the "Business Settings" page under the Account tab in the header.  The threshold ranges from $25 - $1000+. 
When is my payment processed? How long does it take to process?
Commissions are based on calendar month periods, (e.g. July 1 - 31). On the 1st of the following month (August 1st), an invoice is generated to the merchant, and we should receive payment within 10-15 days from them. (Aug 10-15th).
For PayPal accounts, we begin the process of transferring your funds on the 15th of the month (August 15th), with a 10-day processing period. You should expect to have those funds on the 25th of the month.
For Bank Account payment methods, we begin processing on the 25th of the month, and it takes 1 - 4 business days, depending on your bank, to have those funds available.
If a merchant misses a payment, or pays after the Paypal locking period (for example, they pay on the 21st but we already 'lock funds for transfer' on the 15th), then keep an eye on your Available versus Pending balance. Generally, you should receive those funds the 25th of the following month.
Important note when changing Payout Methods
If you make changes to your Payout Method, you will need to remove and re-add your Automatic Payment method associated with that. Please double-check your Payout Method, ensure it's clear of leading / trailing spaces and special characters, and then remove your existing Automatic Payout method, and re-add it (you will select from a drop down from the available Payment Methods on your account). This will properly associate the updated Payment Method as your Automatic Payment method.
In addition, new functionality as of March 2017 ensures that the primary account holder will receive an email when any payout information is changed.
Withdraw Now
The Withdraw Now option allows affiliates to request their available funds on-demand. This is useful in case your funds weren't available on the previous billing cycle of the 25th, but you don't want to wait until the next billing cycle. It is also useful if you have surpassed the $50 minimum Withdraw Now amount, but have not yet hit your $100 threshold for your bank account auto payout.
Withdraw Now is ONLY good for Bank Account payment methods.
Your Payment Method must use the network Native Currency (USD in the US Network, CAD in the CA network), and your bank must be native to that network (US based banks only in US network, Canada based banks only in the CA network).
Withdraw Now incurs a small processing fee.
There is a $10 processing fee for US affiliates, and a $6 ($CAD) fee for Canadian affiliates, to use the Withdraw Now functionality. That will be deducted from the gross amount withdrawn.
Withdraw Now is not available in the Australian Network.
Withdraw Now is not available for PayPal.
Please note: Despite the 'Withdraw Now' name, it may take 24-48 hours for the ACH (electronic bank transfer) to process.
Why can't I withdraw now from PayPal?
Due to PayPal policy we cannot fund our payments to you on demand. PayPal takes 10 business days to fund; please see the "When is my payment processed?" question above for more details.
Two-Factor Authorization
For your security, we now require 2FA in order to edit your Payout Methods, or request a withdrawal. If you want more info on how and why this keeps your account secure, please see this Wikipedia article regarding Two-Factor Authorization (2FA):
How do I set up 2FA?
The first time you use Withdraw Now, or setting up or editing a Payout Method, you must first setup 2FA.
The first screen asks you to enter a code: this is simply to verify your phone number. You can choose from two options to receive that code, text message or phone call. Enter that verification code to confirm.
Once your phone is confirmed, you will be asked to test the system by clicking Verify Token. Then you can enter your authentication code.
How do I get the code to access my payment info? What's SMS? Can I use a Landline?
We suggest that you use the Authy app to generate codes on demand which you can use to access your account. Authy is available for smartphones, as well as for desktop. Alternatively, we also support both text (SMS) for mobile phones, as well as "Call Now" to support landlines (such as a business office number).
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