Two-Factor Authentication / Phone Verification (2FA/MFA)

Two-Factor Authentication / Phone Verification (2FA/MFA)

This has been implemented for Avantlink in May, 2017.

  • Avantlink Cannot Disable this for ANY Account
  • Avantlink Does NOT Support "Shared" logins
  • Avantlink Requires UNIQUE per person/browser Logins using Cell Phone/Authy setup.


Initial New Setup

The First time setting up the Avantlink Account:

  • Avantlink will prompt to setup a phone number for 2FA.
  • Once the phone number initially verified
  • Then any changes made will use that number to send a text or phone call.


New Browsers

  • In order to prevent unauthorized changes to our Accounts
  • Avantlink will be prompt for authentication on every new computer/browser
    • Even when
      • Using incognito/private windows.
      • When Browser Cookies are cleared.


2FA Updates / Changes

  • Even if the phone number on the "Contact Page" changes
    • Avantlink User Interface will NOT be able change the 2FA!
    • Avantlink will still use this number initially setup.


  • This number is 'locked in' and must contact Avantlink To change.


Sensitive Information Changes

  • Avantlink will send a text or phone call to the listed phone (or use a third-party browser plugin) to ensure account safety.
  • When prompted, simply choose SMS (text) or Phone Call, get the code, and enter the code received.
  • Key Action Buttons anywhere in the Payment Setup, will prompt for 2FA authentication.
  • After the code has been entered, it will redirect to the main screen that was previously navigated to.
  • Please re-attempt the action button again, and will allow the action.




Having issues with "Two Factor Authentication" AKA: 2FA, TFA, MFA, or 'Phone Verification'

  • Going on a trip overseas?
  • Going to use a new number?
  • Going to be Switching phone numbers?
  • At Avantlink we request to contact support and provide:
    • An email to support from the email address on file with Avantlink.
    • Copy in the primary Avantlink Account Holder (if applicable)
    • Provide As Much Information regarding the account including the previous number.


Start by using the Template Link (or copy below): can be used in the default email client here


TO: Support(at)
CC: {The primary on the account - if applicable}

Hi AvantLink Support,

I would like to reset my 2FA for my account.

Account Name (If Applicable):
Account Address On File:
Contact Name:
Last Known 2FA #:
Last Known Login:

Attachments: (only if required when/if receiving an error at login)



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