Two-Factor Authentication / Phone Verification (2FA/MFA)

Two-Factor Authentication is required for all AvantLink users.

  • 2FA is a method of confirming a user's identity and acts as additional layer of security to keep your sensitive information safe
  • AvantLink Cannot Disable 2FA for ANY Account
  • AvantLink Does NOT Support "Shared" logins
  • AvantLink Requires UNIQUE per person/browser Logins using Cell Phone/Authy 2FA setup


Initial Setup

Instructions for new Affiliates/Merchants to set up 2FA for the first time:

  1. New users will be prompted to setup a phone number for 2FA when they login to AvantLink for the first time.
  2. Next, user will need to authorize login on device connected with the entered phone number or Authy account.
  3. After initial 2FA setup, the number or Authy account will be connected to Affiliate/Merchant account going forward.


Changes to 2FA number/Account

  • Changes to the phone number on the account Contact Page will NOT update the phone for 2FA
  • In order to change the phone number associated with your AvantLink account, you will need to contact AvantLink Support:
  • AvantLink Support will delete the old 2FA associated phone number and you will be able to set up a new one the next time you login


New Browsers

In order to prevent unauthorized changes to your AvantLink account you will be prompted to authenticate when you login with a new computer/browser, when using incognito mode or after clearing your cache or browser cookies.



Sensitive Information Changes

  • Avantlink will send a text or phone call to the listed phone (or use a third-party browser plugin) to ensure account safety.
  • When prompted, simply choose SMS (text) or Phone Call, get the code, and enter the code received.
  • Key Action Buttons anywhere in the Payment Setup, will prompt for 2FA authentication.
  • After the code has been entered, it will redirect to the main screen that was previously navigated to.
  • Please re-attempt the action button again, and will allow the action.


Troubleshooting Two-Factor Authentication

  • Going on a trip overseas?
  • Going to use a new number?
  • Going to be Switching phone numbers?
  • At Avantlink we request to contact support and provide:
    • An email to support from the email address on file with Avantlink.
    • Copy in the primary Avantlink Account Holder (if applicable)
    • Provide As Much Information regarding the account including the previous number.


Start by using the Template Link (or copy below): can be used in the default email client here


TO: Support(at)
CC: {The primary on the account - if applicable}

Hi AvantLink Support,

I would like to reset my 2FA for my account.

Account Name (If Applicable):
Account Address On File:
Contact Name:
Last Known 2FA #:
Last Known Login:

Attachments: (only if required when/if receiving an error at login)



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