Advanced Affiliate Technical Integration

We offer a lot of tools for our affiliates to use; not just easy-to-use Banner ads or Product Displays, but also our powerful API, product datafeed-driven tools, and even third party Custom Link Builder tools!

However, these tools require some technical expertise to use. As such, we often receive questions on how to implement these, and common technical issues that may arise. This section of our Help Center aims to provide access to some of our more powerful tools, including examples, code snippets, and the like.

(If you're not familiar with some of the basics of web design, we strongly recommend checking out some basic courses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript -- you can get an easy, step-by-step walkthrough from

AvantLink API

The most advanced of our tools is the AvantLink API itself. Although it's very straightforward (requesting a URL, which returns the data you specified), implementing this into your site may take some additional steps. We are working on more examples, code samples, and use-cases; please be patient as we work to offer you examples!

Product Display Creator

This custom implementation was created by Blake from the AvantLink Support team, and provides a streamlined interface to the API Request Builder tool, and then returns fully styled products. Give it a try!

Other Advanced Integration

Some of the other options we'll be exploring will include: allowing customers to 'subscribe' to a product, and to receive an email if the price drops; price comparison tools in general; making your own video / gif ads; searching across multiple online retailers to see who has specific items in stock; etc. Stay tuned!

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