How to Become an AvantLink Affiliate

Becoming an AvantLink affiliate involves a number of steps. This article will review what AvantLink's compliance team is looking for when reviewing potential affiliate partners and outlines each step in the affiliate application process including: 

Please expect a delay if you apply during non-business hours, over the weekend or holidays. Applications are reviewed manually on a one-to-one basis to ensure compliance with AvantLink's affiliate acceptance criteria. Thank you for your patience during the application process.


To start the application process, complete the following form:

AvantLink's compliance team maintains strict criteria when reviewing affiliate applications. See the next section for a detailed outline of what components are required. 


Each affiliate application is reviewed to ensure compliance with AvantLink's affiliate acceptance criteria listed below. 

Please Note: Incomplete or otherwise blank sites will not be accepted.

AvantLink Is Looking For:

  • Affiliates that align with our core company values
  • Affiliate marketers that maintain the integrity of performance marketing
  • Mobile app developers interested in CPS affiliate marketing revenue
  • Reputable marketing specialists, copywriters & content production teams
  • Affiliates who have established websites, and understand community/traffic first, then site monetization
  • Website owners who manage social media networks or other online communities
  • Consumer information websites, portals or directories useful to online shoppers

AvantLink Is Not Looking For: 

  • Sites using applications or adware known to overwrite cookies
  • Excessive use of banners with no supporting content
  • Flash or graphics-only websites
  • Sites made up of duplicate content only
  • Sites that have no value-add content
  • Any use of black-hat SEO tactics
  • Affiliates that participate in blog or comment spam

AvantLink reserves the right to deny any affiliate application.  


Once your application is submitted, AvantLink’s compliance team will require verification that you own the site and that you have administrative access. You will receive an Ownership Verification Instruction email containing detailed steps to verification. 

The complete instructions can also be found here: Affiliate Website Verification.

Once you have verified ownership of your site, your site will be reviewed more thoroughly. 


By design AvantLink has instituted a more thorough application review than most networks. Although some may find it difficult or frustrating to complete the application process, in the long run it’s in the best interest of all relevant parties to maintain the cleanest network in performance marketing. 

AvantLink has outlined some of the most frequently asked questions about the affiliate application process. The complete list of FAQS can be found here: Affiliate Application FAQ.



If you have any other questions about your affiliate application, please contact


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