Tipalti Payout Walkthrough

Tipalti is the brand new all-in-one solution for payouts, filing your taxes, and managing your money with AvantLink. 

Due to the new update, all affiliates will need to re-file their payout information and re-file their taxes. 

This step-by-step guide will lead you through the process of getting everything updated for a pain free payout experience. 

Manage Payment and Tax Information

All payout methods and tax requirements are now found under the Manage Payment and Tax Information under your Account tab. 






Setting up your payment method is easy, simply enter your information and click "Next". Pay extra attention to the "Type" portion by filing as 'Individual' or 'Company'. 




An unrecognized address will require an additional verification to make sure it is correct. 




Payment Method

Choosing a payment method will determine what information is required to start getting paid. 


Any fees that are associated with the payment method you've chosen will be listed below the drop down box. 

Tax Forms

All US tax forms are available right in the software. Tipalti also includes a quick and easy questionnaire that will tell you exactly what kind of tax form you will need to file if you are using a US based affiliate account. 


We now offer most tax forms right inside your account. The tax forms included are:

  • W-8BEN
  • W-8BEN-E
  • W9
  • W-8ECI
  • W-8IMY
  • W-8EXP
  • 8233

If you're unsure of which form to file with us, simply fill out the questionnaire.

Canadian and Australian tax info

For Canadian affiliate accounts doing business in Canada you'll need to provide your tax ID. 

For Australian affiliate accounts doing business in Australia you'll need to have a TFN (Tax File Number).

Fees do apply for eCheck, and Wire Transfer. The fees are calculated on the Payment Method page of the Tipalti platform.

If you are an affiliate in CA or AU but you wish to be paid in USD, our support staff can allow you to be paid in a different country. This setting is found in the address portion of your payment management platform. To enable this please email support@avantlink.com and they will be able to update your account. Once updated, navigate to Account > Manage Payment and Tax Info. 


Click "Edit" and you'll see the option to be paid in a different country. 


Select the United States and you'll be able to have payments sent to your US account in USD. 

Filing the proper tax forms is imperative to receiving your payout. Any questions as to whether the tax forms were filed properly or information about your Tipalti account can be directed to accounting@avantlink.com or support@avantlink.com

Once you've submitted your tax information you will be ready to start earning with AvantLink!




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