Common Login Issues

We've all been there -- can't remember your password, lost your phone, or otherwise can't login? Have no fear -- this guide will help!

If you are having issues with your login please work through the below to see if this resolves your issues.

Login Resolution Attempts

    1. Are you using a new browser or computer?
      • Be sure to have your phone with you! You will be prompted to enter a verification code.
    2. Do you have an ad/popup-blocker installed?
      • Be sure to white-list our domain
      • Be sure try signing into Avantlink with it off.
      • If that doesn't work try to login on a different computer.
    3. Forgot Your Password?
      • Did you Forget your password? Never fear! Just click the "Forgot Password" on the Login Screen.
    4. Having Issues with Phone Verification (2FA)?
      Visit our article on Phone Verification for more details!
    5. Still having issues?
      Please contact support with screen shots, so we best help resolve the issue.


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