Affiliate authentication required, secure connections (https://) only.
Frequency limitation(s): 500 request(s) per day.


This module provides functionality for retrieving the list of all Merchants in AvantLink (with Id and categorization information) along with a status field indicating the association/relation of the requesting user to that Merchant, e.g. "active", "pending", "denied", "none".

Supported Output Formats:

  • csv
  • tab
  • xml
  • json


  • affiliate_id
    • Type: integer
    • Required: true
    • Description: An AvantLink assigned Affiliate identifier.
  • auth_key
    • Type: string
    • Required: true
    • Description: The AvantLink assigned authentication key for a particular Affiliate or Merchant. This is a randomly generated, 32-character, mixed alphanumeric string.
  • module
    • Type: string
    • Required: true
    • Description: For this module, specify "AssociationFeed".
  • association_status
    • Type: string
    • Required: false
    • Description: Restricts results to just those Merchants matching the specified association status; must be one of: "active", "pending", "denied", "none".
  • output
    • Type: string
    • Required: false
    • Description: The specific output format you wish to receive results in. Possible values include: csv (comma-separated text), html, js (javascript document.write statements), rss, tab (tab-delimited text), and xml (the default). Individual modules may not support all output methods.
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