AvantMetrics / Shared Attribution up

AvantMetrics is an enhanced tracking method, which allows some additional functionality, including:

1. Fullclickstream (path-to-sale) details
2. Referral Group Summary (Introducer / Influencer / Checkout Influencer)
3. Shared Attribution across those referral groups (optional)
4. Channel Summary (optional - we track all sales from other channels and show in reporting)

To find out more about shared attribution and the Referral Group in general, see here:

In order to set this up, you must contact avantmetrics@avantlink.com, or support@avantlink.com

We will first ensure your site is capable / set up correctly (it requires our site-wide script), as well as walk you through the rest of the setup. One of the requirements is that your checkout process does not redirect off site / or if it does (i.e. PayPal)



By default, we will set up our system to track the following channels:

Organic Search

Sales from all of these channels will appear in your Channel Summary / Cross Channel Summary reports in the AvantLink Dashboard.



We can track other channels as well. To track a specific marketing channel we will need to know how to identify referrals from that channel. Here are some ways that AvantMetrics can identify referrals:

  *  A certain parameter is in the destination URL of a click, e.g. "avad" in the URL (www.merchant.com/?avad=AnyValue)

  *  A certain parameter and value is in the destination URL of a click, e.g. "src=AvantLink" in the URL (www.merchant.com/?src=AvantLink)

  *  The host portion of the referrer URL of the click is always the same, e.g. "www.facebook.com"



We recommend setting up a demo attribution model so you will be able to see when AvantLink affiliates entered the click stream in the AvantMetrics reporting, without actually sharing the commission -- reporting only. Then, when you have enough info, we can set that live.

 There are three groups where affiliates are placed.

  * Introducer referrals occur when a customer is introduced or directed to the merchant's site for the first time.
  * Influencer referrals occur when a customer has previously visited the site and before entering the checkout phase.
  * Checkout influencer referrals occur during a customizable time frame after which the customer enters the checkout process. A checkout influencer is rewarded if the customer completes a purchase within the time frame.



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