Merchant Program Audit


Managing your affiliate program is a full-time job (sometimes multiple jobs!) for any company that is serious about the channel. Roles and responsibilities often shift between team members, and you may find yourself wondering where things stand with your program. The following checklist is meant to guide you through your AvantLink program, making sure all details  are up to date and optimized. We walk you through everything from ad collateral, brand and program descriptions, to technical network integrations. You will find each section of this list under the corresponding headers in your AvantLink Account.




REPORTS (Reporting Tool Help)

  • Review Calendar Period Trending (YTD or longer)
  • Review Calendar Period Trending by Affiliate (YTD or longer)
  • Performance Summary by Month (entire life of program)
    • Identify Recent Tracking Outages - Long periods of affiliates driving clicks, but no sales can be an indication tracking is/was down.
  • Affiliate Email Summary (past year) - What you’ve communicated in the past to affiliates and how often. Open rates. See Affiliate Email Tool for a deeper dive.
  • AvantMetrics Reporting (Must have AvantMetrics Tracking Integrated)
    • AvantMetrics: Referral Group Summary
    • AvantMetrics: Referral Group Summary by Affiliate
    • Consider Implementing Commission Sharing Attribution Model

ACCOUNT - Is all affiliate facing information up to date?

  • Edit Program Information
  • Edit Program Terms - (Support video) This information is used to create your program description page on, and should be tailored to potential affiliates.
    • Contact Name & Email
    • Program Description
    • Base Commission Rate & Cookie Duration - Be sure to leave room for promotional commission increases.
    • Auto Approve Affiliates
    • Review T&Cs - While we have network level T&Cs, you can also add additional terms about your specific program.
  • Edit Standard Email Templates - (Support video)
    • Application Acceptance Email
    • Application Denial Email
    • Affiliate Recruitment Offer Email - This should be used as a framework, and customized for each affiliate.
  • Review contract for outdated info, key expiration dates, questions etc.





  • Review Affiliate Application Management - Support Video
    • Pending
    • Active
    • Denied
  • What is your affiliate strategy? - Who do you want promoting your brand and company, and what tactics align well with your overall marketing strategy? Who is your target audience? What are your goals for the affiliate channel?
  • Affiliate Tagging/Group Administration
  • Affiliate Recruitment
    • Once you have completed all of the above steps, you are ready to start inviting new affiliates to the program.
    • Recruiting Best Practices

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