Merchant Tools: Affiliate Transaction Inquiry

What is an Affiliate Transaction Inquiry?

Affiliate Transaction Inquiries occur when an affiliate has record of driving a sale through your program, but the sale did not track correctly. The most common occurence of this is when a customer shops through a cashback/loyalty affiliate, and inquires with the affiliate about their cashback. The affiliate will then submit an Affiliate Transaction Inquiry through AvantLink to request this sale be recorded, so they can pay your mutual customer the cashback they were expecting.

Program managers get notifications when an Affiliate Transaction Inquiry is created, and should be reviewed on a regular basis. If Affiliate Transaction Inquiries are common with certain affiliates, it is a good idea to reach out to them to confirm they are correctly configuring their links.

Where is this located in the Interface?

This can be found under Tools > Affiliate Transaction Inquiries. (Direct link requires login)

How can affiliates track a sale if AvantLink / Merchant doesn't?

This is most common with Loyalty / Cashback affiliates, who receive the request for the cashback on their side. It's most likely that the customer is using an ad-block or other privacy tools. Also, there are a number of third party tools which can track conversions.

What if the sale is already awarded to another affiliate?

This may happen with multi-touch attribution, i.e. someone using coupon codes after an affiliate clickthrough, or using Google CPC links to navigate to the merchant site. It is up to you to review and determine if you want to award that. However, you cannot approve it with the same Transaction ID -- you may need to go into Tools > Transaction Entry or Award Affiliate Bonus and manually award a partial or full sale / bonus amount.

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