Setting Up Payment Method


Creating or Changing your Payment Methods

The first thing that any affiliate should do is to ensure that you setup your payment information, so you can receive your commissions without delay! This consists of 2 steps:

1. Setting up a Payment Method;
2. Setting up Automatic Payout.

: You must set up Automatic Payout Methods for our system to correctly distribute payments on the 25th of each month!! If you maintain an account in our other networks in Canada or Australian, you will need to do this separately there as well!



Setting up a Payment Method

• From your AvantLink Dashboard, select the "Account" tab in the top menu, then the 'Payout Methods' option.

• You will see two sections in the Payout Method screen: The top section is Automatic Payout, and the bottom section is the Payout Methods. You must set up a Payout Method before setting up Automatic Payout.

The Automatic Payout Method is what our system will automatically pay out to on the 25th day of every month. The Payout Methods are a list of payout methods that can be used. The Automatic Payout will only select from a list of your current Payout Methods; you cannot create a new one through the Automatic Payout setup. You must first set up a Payout Method.



(At this time, the only Payout Methods supported are Direct Deposit [domestic US banks in $USD only] and PayPal [recommended, especially for international affiliates]. We are continuing to look into alternate payment methods.)

• Select “Add Payout Method”. This will be under the second section “Payout Methods”.
(Remember: you have to add a Payout Method before you can set it as your Automatic Payout.)

• Select Either Direct Deposit or PayPal:


• Then fill out the form with the required data. (Paypal only asks for your email; Direct Deposit has a lot more required info.)


• Save and you're finished setting up your Payment Method!

Setting Up Automatic Payout

• Next, select “Setup Automatic Payout”. It will ask you to select one of your already-defined Payment Methods from a dropdown, as well as the Threshold Amount. (This is the minimum amount you want to accrue, before getting the amount transferred to your account -- minimum $50.00. Some people will set it to the minimum, but if you're making higher commissions, you may want to wait until you accrue $200 or $500 before getting paid out.)

• Save, and you should be set!

• Please note that if you make any change to the underlying Payment Method, you will want to reconfigure the Automatic Payout to ensure that it is correctly selecting and using your Payment Method.

Deleting a Payment Method

• In order to delete a payment method, you'll want to select the 'Delete' button on the Payment Methods page.

• If you delete the Payment Method associated with your Automatic Payout option, you'll need to edit or recreate that Automatic Payout setup!

• It's a good idea to delete payment methods that are no longer in use.

International Bank Accounts

• Note to Affiliates who use Direct Deposit with International Bank Accounts: Due to a change in our payment processors, we no longer offer Direct Deposit for non-US based banks. Please be sure to setup a new payment method (PayPal), set your Automatic Payout to use that method, and delete your existing Payment Method.

This affects all non-USD currency transactions, including those for alternate currency in a US-based bank. Please be sure to setup an alternate payment method (PayPal); or, you can accept $USD in a US-based bank. (You may be able to edit your existing payment method; but we recommend setting up a new one.) Be sure to reconfigure your Automatic Payout as well!

Payment Method Locking

• For an additional layer of security, you can ask our Support department to 'lock' the ability to change your payout methods. This may be useful for affiliate accounts associated to a company, to prevent unauthorized users who are a part of that company, from inadvertently changing these settings.

This will require additional authorization (challenge-response) and contact with our Support department to implement or remove.

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