AvantMetrics Reporting Updates

As of 4/25/2016, we have made some changes to our AvantMetrics reporting:

• Much faster!

• The Order Summary by Channel and Clickstream has been separated to two reports:
1. Channel Summary
2. Cross Channel Summary

This provides a more accurate reporting title, as the details of the Channel / Cross Channel reports do not reflect clickstream order, but just which channels were involved.

• Added the ability to Filter on Channel (so you can easily see any given channel, such as Google Shopping, and cross-channels, without having to manually aggregate them.)

• Added Analytics Overview by Month and by Quarter.

• Removed 'Direct Type In' as a tracking channel, since this was picking up expired sessions as a direct type in. We can add this by request.

• Default tracking days now match the program cookie days (generally 30 days by default), to provide more accurate representation of channels versus previous mismatched days count.

• Referral Group Summary now includes multiple touchpoint orders in a separate row, so that the counts are more intuitive instead of overlapping.

• Referral Group Summary now drills down to Order Summary on Attribution Affected orders, for additional details over previous drill down.

• Deduplication Summary now has filter ability.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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