Video Ads

At this time, we do -not- offer the ability to create new video ads.

The old framework used a Flash-based player, that was hard to support and get working across all devices (i.e. iOS), and was unweildy in terms of technical design and architecture.

We are looking at building a new framework, that will integrate HTML5 native media and allow video ads in the future. This functionality may be a year away.

In the meantime, I did find a way to create an HTML5 video ad that works, and is fairly easy to configure.

  1. Create a Custom Link to point wherever you want, custom tracking codes, etc.
  2. Create a Merchant Ad with Ad Type HTML. The code should be like this:
<a href="[CUSTOM_LINK_URL]"><video autoplay loop poster="[SINGLE_FRAME.JPG]" id="bgvid"><source src="[VIDEO_SOURCE.MP4]" type="video/mp4"></video></a>

(Note; you should host these files yourself, and ensure your MP4 is as small, compressed, and optimized as possible. Anything over 5MB may be iffy on slower connections.)

  1. Save the Merchant Ad. Ensure the name is descriptive, such as Video, etc.
  2. Affiliates can then select it; when they do a standard "dynamic" integration with the javascript, it fires correctly and displays and links through to your site."


Embedded YouTube Ads

Unfortunately, you can't simply drop a YouTube page URL as the video source. If you wanted to use YouTube videos you would have to get the embedded HTML version of them. This returns an iframe that can then be embedded in HTML. To get the iframe for a video go to YouTube video on YouTube, click the 'Share' icon, and select the 'Embed' link. This will
provide you with the iframe for this video.

Unfortunately, you can't easily include an affiliate link on this iframe and will have to use a layover that is clickable above the iframe. Here is an example for that first youtube video.

<div style="position:relative;"> 
<iframe width="560" height="315"
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<a href="[AFFILIATE_LINK]"> 
style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; display:inline-block;
width:560px; height:270px; z-index:5;" target="_blank"></a>

As you can see that iframe is inside of a div that over lays the top portion of the video. Another item you will want to pay special attention to is the 'autoplay' parameter on the youtube video source, if you want the video to automatically start use the value of 1, if you don't use the value of 0.

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