Reporting Subscription

A common question we receive is how to generate and email reports automatically. This can be done in our system, provided a few things. 


1. The email address that you want reports to be sent to has to be setup as a login to the system; that is to say, if you want the emails sent to yourself, that should be fine, provided your email address is the one you log in with. If you want it sent to a different address, then please let Support know and we will create that login for you.

2. The timeframe that you're running the report for must be a past-date, fixed interval; that is, it only works for "Yesterday", "Past Seven Days", "This Month", or "Last Month".

3. The report is a Detail level report; it will not work with the Performance Summary report.

4. The period you want it sent to you is either "Daily", "Weekly", or "Monthly" -- there are no other options.


In order to setup a subscription, simply use the "Show Report Subscription Options" link in your Reporting interface. Then, select Email, and fill out the information regarding how frequently this should be sent. 

Note: If you don't see an Email option, then one of the above 4 criteria has not been met, preventing you from selecting that option.

Also, there are other formats, such as the Direct API call (which you can schedule on your own servers to run at a given time), or an RSS feed.


Finally, you can watch the pertinent bit of how to do this here: 

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