ECC: Exclusive Coupon Codes

Merchants may ask about how Coupon Codes are used in our system.

These are accessed via Merchant Interface --> Ad Tools --> Ad Campaigns. When they create a new Ad Campaign or edit an existing one, they can choose to use / provide a Coupon Code, as well as to make this exclusive to one affiliate or not.

In order for the ECC credit to be properly credited to a specific, exclusive affiliate, there are two pieces that must be in place:

1. They must pass the "ecc=[VALUE]" in the Order Confirmation tracking pixel. This is not a default value, so they usually need to add that.
2. The specific Ad Campaign with that ECC must be configured for exclusive affiliate use. (Please note, that a "tag group" of affiliates won't work, as we have no way to determine which affiliate is credited within that tag group; it has to be a specific, individual affiliate.)

This will award 100% commission to the Coupon Code provider by default. For example, if a customer clicks on, clicks through to, and uses a coupon code associated with, then will get the commission - even if that customer never visited their site.

Although the default behaviour for Exclusive Coupon Codes is 100% attribution (see example above), we can offer ECC as a "Checkout Influencer" split attribution model using AvantMetrics. This requires AvantMetrics to be setup, and then we select "Use ECC as Checkout Influencer" to limit it to a split commission model.


Note: To exclude ECC from firing any commission, simply assign it to 101 Dynamic Web Source, since those test account orders are always automatically reversed.

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