Paid Placements

How to Implement AvantLink's Paid Placements

  • Login to the AvantLink Interface under your affiliate account.
  • Select  Ad Tools --> Paid Placement--> Create Paid Placement  from the top navigation
  • Website - Select the website you would like to setup a paid placement on:


  • Paid placement name:  Choose a name for your paid placement configuration that will be attractive and descriptive to merchants:


  • Description (this is optional): Use this field to include a description of the paid placement ad. You can also use this field to include special social channel additions to make the paid placement offer to merchants a package deal, e.g., email distribution, placement on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make sure to factor in these additions when deciding upon a minimum bid amount:


  • Implementation type: Choose whether your paid placement configuration will be displayed on a single page, multiple pages, or site wide (the number of available boxes will change depending on your selection):

imp type menu

  • URL(s) of paid placement ad: Enter the URL(s) that will display the paid placement ad. If your paid placement will be site wide or on four or more pages specify four URLs that will contain the paid placement ad:


  • Location of ad (this is optional): Specify the location of the paid placement ad on the page(s) of your site for descriptive purposes:


  • Ad space dimensions (in pixels): Choose the ad space dimensions that will be used on your site. AvantLink's recommended banner ad dimensions can be found at the very end of these instructions under Additional Information:


  • Restrict to merchant (optional): Specify a merchant that you would like this paid placement configuration to be exclusive to. If a merchant is selected, no other merchants will be able to bid on this placement. If left blank, the placement will be open for bidding to any of your active merchants:
  • Default ad (optional): Specify the default ad that will be displayed when no merchant bid is available.  There are three options:
  • You can select to use a specific merchant ad from within AvantLink:
default ad merchant
  • You can select to use one of your ad groups, from which ads with the specified dimensions will be rotated on each page load:
default ad group
  • You can select to use one of your ads from another ad network.  Simply paste the code here that you would include on your website to display the ad:
default ad code
  • Minimum bid amount: Specify the minimum amount that you will accept for merchants to pay per day to place their ad on your site.:
min bid
  • Restrict bids to date range: Select which dates you would like merchants to be able to bid on. If this option is left unchecked, all dates will be available:
restrict date yes
  • Allow Outbidding: Select whether or not you would like merchants to outbid other merchant's bids:
  • Auto accept bids: Select whether or not you would like to automatically accept merchant bids.  If you choose to auto accept bids you also have the option to receive emails when a bid is auto accepted:
auto auto yes
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