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We partner with you to accelerate your growth strategy.

Your Program. Our Experience.

Our program managers are experts in affiliate marketing. It's what we do and who we are. We approach program management as an extension of your team and your brand.

Here's how:

  1. Affiliate Technology Experts

We know the technology that works for your affiliates. Our daily engagement with advanced affiliate marketing tools gives us unparalleled knowledge of the Avantlink platform. We educate affiliates on using our technology to drive high-quality sales for your brand.

  1. Industry Insiders

We are affiliate marketing. Our relationships with top affiliates produce the best results. We continue to identify, recruit, and activate vetted affiliates throughout the life of your program.

  1. Actionable Analysis

Beyond deals and specials we develop a deep understanding of your products. We maximize seasonal sales to outperform your competition by knowing what converts. Our reporting includes expert analysis with actionable recommendations from your dedicated program manager, beyond the standard numbers and spreadsheets.

  1. Attribution and Solution Pros

We've got everything you need! Multi-channel attribution, advanced affiliate management technology, dynamic tag management, and new customer tracking. We know what's possible and the sky's the limit.

  1. International Intelligence

We specialize in growing affiliate relationships and programs in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Messaging, currencies, and product specialization allow us to excel globally using our single integrated platform.


Disrupto Fact: Our program managers see average year-over-year growth rates between 114% and 213% on both new and existing programs.


Expert Marketing Channel Execution

Our program managers understand the intricacies of the affiliate marketing channel.

They know how to identify and engage affiliates to provide the conversions you want. Simply said, they deliver.


Select a Service Level that Works for You:

Program management takes dedication and commitment. Grow your program with one of these three service levels, available for a flat monthly rate.


Basic - Program Coach

Three months of coaching, discussions, reporting and guidance on the best way for you to setup, manage and optimize your program. A great way for your internal program manager to learn the art of affiliate program management.

Advanced - Program Mentor

This includes the same services as our expert program manager service, but for a three-month period. We then hand over all ongoing program management, from recruiting to regular affiliate communication, to your internal program manager

Expert - Program Manager

We manage and optimize your program on an ongoing basis producing results year-over-year and month-over-month. The Avantlink program manager acts as an extension of your team specializing in the Avantlink affiliate marketing channel.


Disrupto Fact: Clients who choose to utilize AvantLink’s program management see a positive ROI within 2 to 8 months.


You Deserve a Better Network.



Contact today to discuss the service levels above or to customize a management package based on your unique needs.

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