Adding the AvantLink Tracking Pixel via a Tag Management System

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AvantLink Technical Integration Guide


What's Tag Management?

Today's ecommerce sites are becoming more and more complex. Sometimes in order to successfully integrate all of your advertising, tracking, and order software, you have to integrate dozens of scripts across various pages on your site! A Tag Manager makes it simple by providing you one script that you include on all pages on your site, and an interface to allow you to easily add, remove, and manage your scripts.


What are some common Tag Management systems?

The most common tag managers are Google Tag Manager, TagMan, Tealium, BrightTag, and Adobe DTM.


How do I integrate AvantLink with a Tag Manager?

If you would like to add AvantLink via a tag management system, you should be able to use the standard integration. That is to say, simply add the Site-Wide Tracking Script on every page, and the Order Confirmation script to the Order Confirmation page (and ensure the Order Confirmation Script is firing before the Site-Wide Script on that page).

Most tag managers will inject the scripts directly into your DOM, providing global level scoping. This allows the scripts to work in conjunction with each other. As such, no special modifications are needed.


Are there any exceptions?

If your specific tag management system (or your specific implementation of it) calls a single target script on the final, rendered HTML that the client browser receives, which then calls all of your other scripts, this may require a special implementation. With the abundance of basic JavaScript libraries (such as jQuery), this is unlikely that it would be called this way. If you have any issues, please contact us at

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