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Below is an introductory guide that will answer your questions, explain what affiliate marketing is, and help you get started monetizing your website with total control.


Just What Is Affiliate Marketing?

So, you’ve just joined the AvantLink affiliate network, but maybe you’re still a bit unclear on what that means.

Affiliate marketing is a relatively straightforward concept. If you’re reading this, you are likely the owner of a website that has some great original content. And with that content comes readers that trust your opinion and recommendations. As an affiliate, you can post affiliate links or banner ads on your site that lead to Merchants or products that you think your visitors would be interested in. If one of your visitors clicks on your ad and makes a purchase, you will get a commission payout (usually between 8-12%) on the final total of the purchase. It really is that simple and a great way to monetize your website while providing your user a great service.

Participation in affiliate marketing and AvantLink is completely free. You can put as much or as little time as you’d like into being an affiliate without ever having to pay a dime!

Still a little confused? See this “What Is Affiliate Marketing?” video below to get a better idea about how affiliate marketing works:




Ready?  Let’s Get Started In Three Easy Steps


1. Apply To An Affiliate Program

Now that you’re approved and ready to go on AvantLink, you can start applying to join affiliate programs that you’d like to be an affiliate for. To search for these affiliate programs, log into your account and click on the "Merchant" section at the top. From there, scan through the list of affiliate programs available on AvantLink. For those program you’re interested in joining, click the “Details/Apply” link at the very left, read the program description and commission / affiliate details. Like what you see? Then go ahead and click on the “Apply Now” button at the very bottom.



Now all you have to do is wait for the merchant to review your application and get back to you with a  decision.  Keep an eye on your inbox for notification.  We recommend checking your email preferences to ensure you're getting all of the emails you need.  

Rather watch a video demonstration on how to apply to Merchants?   We've got that “How To Apply To Merchants” tutorial video.


2. Search For Ads To Use

Once approved to the program(s) you’ve applied to, you'll have access to all of their ads (banner and text ads) to put on your site. To find these ads, click the “Ad Tools” option at the top of your Affiliate account screen and then select “Merchant Ads –> Get Ads." From here you can select what affiliate program(s) you would like to get ads from and select the ads you would like to put on your site. Any ad that you like can be selected by clicking on the “Get HTML” link.  



Keep in mind that AvantLink offers a number of integration methods for you to put the ad on your website. Select the integration type you’d like to use and finally click the “Get HTML” button at the bottom to get the raw code for the ad.  We recommend JavaScript integration because that will keep both image and text ads updated with the latest information from your merchants, avoiding out of date ad text (for more detailed information click here)

For a video demonstration on how to find, set up and use Merchant ads, please see this tutorial video on Merchant ads.

Pro Tip: To get targeted affiliate links that lead to specific products targeted to your readers, please see Part 3 in this series, “Using The Custom Link Builder."


3. Put Those Ads On Your Website!

You’ve applied to a program and you’ve got your ad. Now it’s time to put it on your site! Place the Merchant ad you got above anywhere on your site and visit your site to see how the ad looks. Encourage your readers to help support your site by clicking on the ads and letting them know you’ll receive a commission on any purchase made after clicking on the ad!  Simple and pretty cool right?


Feeling more comfortable now? Great! When you’re ready, head over to the next section of our welcome series to learn about the reporting for AvantLink!


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