Billing / Invoicing Details

AvantLink currently offers the following billing option:

  1. Standard Monthly billing cycle invoicing – For Merchants that are on net 10 or net 20 payment terms.

1. Monthly billing cycle

AvantLink works on a monthly billing cycle. Throughout the month, fees generated by Affiliate sales in your program are tracked. On the 1st of each month an invoice is generated to summarize the full previous month’s activity. For instance, a monthly invoice generated on March 1st would cover all Affiliate activity for the prior month of February.

Once a month’s invoice has been generated, the billing cycle for that month is closed. No further charges can accrue for, nor can any charges be removed from, the closed billing month. All invoices should be paid in full regardless of any reversals, etc. that are tied to transactions in the closed billing month. As an example of what this implies, consider the following scenario:

An invoice is generated on March 1st, covering all activity for the prior month of February. It is noticed on March 2nd that several sales from the month of February were canceled by the customer, and that those cancellations were not yet entered at AvantLink to offset the corresponding Affiliate commissions.

Since those cancellations must be entered in March they cannot directly affect or be reflected upon the already existing invoice from March 1st. Instead, they will be reflected, in full, on the very next invoice – to be generated on April 1st. The March 1st invoice must still be paid in full; under-payment would result in a negative account balance for the program.

If this example scenario is unclear in any way, please contact

What gets billed?

Each monthly invoice will include one or more of the following billing charges:

  • Affiliate commissions earned from sales
  • Affiliate performance incentive commissions, if a Merchant program utilizes tiered commission levels
  • Affiliate bonus commissions, if any Affiliate bonuses were awarded during the month
  • AvantLink network commissions earned from any/all of the above
  • Monthly management fee, if applicable
  • Account balance credits or debits, for over- or under- payment of previous invoices
  • Previous month commissions overpayment or underpayment line items for Merchants on the prepay invoicing system
  • Overdue payment late fees, for invoices that have not been paid on a timely basis

Most invoices will result in a positive dollar amount total from these individual charges, meaning that amount of money is owed to AvantLink. Occasionally, however, invoices will result in a $0.00 total – those invoices do not require payment and are for informational purposes only (summarizing the prior month’s billing activity).

When are invoices due?

Each invoice created by AvantLink will be emailed to the appropriate Merchant program contact (as we have been instructed). That invoice email will include information about the due date of the invoice payment. The invoice due date is computed based on the billing terms that were agreed to in the contract negotiations prior to the launch of the Merchant program. The standard billing terms are net-10, meaning invoice payment is due in full within 10 days of the invoice creation date.

Why should electronic bill pay be utilized as your program's payment method?

Electronic payments can be set up to make a one-time payment or make automatic reoccurring payments for each month's invoice. We highly recommend that your default bill pay method be electronic rather than issuance of physical checks for the following reasons:

  • Immediate payments and instant receipt verification for all invoices.
  • Hassle-free payment system (no preparing, printing, mailing hardcopy checks).
  • No late fees due to mail delivery interruptions.
  • A far more secure transaction process compared to mailing a check.
  • A paperless, eco-friendly option.

For questions regarding electronic payments, please contact

Why should invoices be paid on time?

It may seem like a silly question to ask why an invoice should be paid on time. But each time we contact a Merchant to discuss overdue payments, this question is really the heart of the matter. There are several answers really, so feel free to choose whichever of the following is most satisfying:

  • The majority of funds collected from a Merchant invoice, generally around 70%, is money that is slated to go directly to Affiliates.
  • We pay our Affiliates on the 25th of each month. Funds are available to affiliates only after your invoice has been paid. 
  • The contractual agreement between a Merchant program and AvantLink stipulates payment terms that require timely payment of all invoices. Failure to pay invoices by their due date is a violation of that contract.
  • Unpaid invoices can result in overdue payment fees on future invoices. Paying on time saves money.

How can an invoice be paid?

US Network:

Invoices may be paid via Electronic Bill Payment (EBP) or check. When utilizing the EBP method, you have the option of configuring automatic payments for a particular day of the month, or you can choose to manually approve all new charges before they are submitted. We can also do ACH (Automated Clearing House) where you can push a payment to us. Please email our accounting department for the ACH information. Please be sure to indicate that you are a US Merchant.

We do not have a method to accept Credit Card payments in the US.


CA and AU Networks:

• ACH (Please email our accounting department for the ACH information - please indicate that you are either a CA or AU Merchant, as we have different banking info for each.)
• Credit Card (our Internation Payment processor allows us to take Credit Cards from our overseas merchants)

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