Step 6: The Custom Link Builder


Now that you’re a pro with finding banner and text ads from your Merchants, let’s look at another scenario in which a more targeted affiliate link would be necessary.

Here’s the situation: say you’re a blogger and you’ve just reviewed a fantastic pair of new running shoes that you liked a lot. In this review, you want to give your readers, who may be interested in experiencing these shoes for themselves, an affiliate link leading to a place to buy them online. While some of your Merchants may sell those shoes on their page, you’d like to have an affiliate link that went straight to those shoes instead of putting up a general banner/text ad for the store that sells them.

This is where AvantLink’s Custom Link Builder comes into play. This tool allows you to select a specific URL on a Merchant's website and change that URL into a fully-functioning affiliate link! This gives you the option to direct your readers straight to a product, category, or any page you want on a Merchant's website. Here’s a live example of a custom link:  “Whoop whoop, winter's coming! Time to shop for skis! 

How To Create A Custom Link

1. Find Your Target URL

Start by finding the URL of a specific page on one of your Merchant's websites that you’d like to promote. For example, let’s use the “Running Shoe” category on This is the location we would like our custom link to lead to.

2. Build Your Custom Link

Now that you’ve got your destination URL, it’s time to build your custom link. Start by logging into your AvantLink account then click on Ad Tools --> Custom Link Builder --> Create Custom Link. Here you’ll see the simple interface to create a custom affiliate link. Start by selecting the Merchant in which the URL belongs to from the drop down list of your active Merchants, select which one of your websites you plan on using this link on, and finally paste the destination URL in the “Merchant Landing Page URL” box.

Once you've entered in that information, click the “Get HTML” button and your custom link will be built for you. The link can be copied under the section that says “Custom Link URL”. Our example destination URL has now been changed into this custom affiliate link:



3. Put The Custom Link On Your Site!

With your new custom affiliate link built and copied, you’re ready to use it with relevant content on your site. Example: “Running is a healthy activity but you’ll need a good pair of running shoes to make sure you’re running correctly and safely.”

As you can see, the affiliate link has now been linked to the words “running shoes”, a very relevant and appropriate term to have paired with that link. Try clicking on the link for yourself and notice that it will take you directly to the running shoe category on Massey’s Outfitters’ we designated.

For a video demonstration on how to use the Custom Link Builder, please this this video tutorial.


When Should You Use Custom Links?

Custom affiliate links are very effective when you have areas of content that mention a specific product, brand, or category of products. This is even more powerful when you’ve mentioned the product, brand, or category in a positive manner on your site and wish to have your users get more information by clicking the affiliate link.

We call this strategy deep linking and it’s a very effective component to successful affiliate marketers.




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