Step 5: Reporting



Now that you've put an affiliate link on your site, it’s time to check and see how it's performing. AvantLink provides you very robust reports so you can properly monitor the results of your marketing efforts, giving you insight on all ad impressions (if you’re using banner ads), click-throughs, and sales made with your affiliate links. The easiest place to see this is in the Quick Stats Box on your AvantLink account homepage.

All of the stats you see in the Quick Stats Box can be expanded in the reporting section, which can be reached by clicking on "Reports" at the top right of your account or by clicking on the blue results. Clicking on "Reports" will give you access to analyze almost any metric imaginable in relation to your account.  Start with the Performance Summary series of reports.  These provide relevant data that can help you optimize your program once you get started.


What Should You Expect?

Affiliate marketing doesn't operate like a light switch- you don’t simply turn it on and get a big, bright result. Success in affiliate marketing takes some patience, effort, and realistic expectations. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:


1. Take Time In Your Affiliate Efforts:

Affiliate marketing doesn't work on autopilot. Be sure you’re actively producing high-quality content that you can pair with related Merchant ads or custom links (explained in Part 3).

2. Know That Results Are Often Not Instantaneous:

Just like learning a new skill, sport, or hobby, becoming an effective Affiliate takes time. Be willing to commit to learning the affiliate marketing industry and set long term goals. This will not happen overnight.

3. Give Your Stats Time To Grow:

If in a week after starting you haven’t made a sale, don’t worry- all successful affiliates have been in this exact position when starting out. Many new affiliates judge where they should be in terms of sales made by the number of click-throughs they have. As a rule of thumb, we recommend waiting until you have around 200 click-throughs before you analyze your performance.

4. What Do You Want Affiliate Marketing To Do For You?  Set Your Goals: 

How much money do you want to make with affiliate marketing? Yes, it’s true that some Affiliates make enough to replace their income, but for most, affiliate marketing is a great way to supplement hobbies and lifestyles. Do you want to make enough money to pay for your internet hosting for your website this year? Pay for a fun cruise vacation? Get that new TV you've wanted? These are very realistic and obtainable goals that can be accomplished with dedicated affiliate marketing efforts on your part.


Now that you’ve learned how to get a banner/text ad on your site and judge performance, let’s take a look at how you can make your affiliate marketing efforts more targeted and relevant to your readers with the easy to use but super effective AvantLink Custom Link Builder!



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