Last Steps For Setup

Before we take your Affiliate program to live status please watch the screencast series featured here. These tutorials cover the main components of the interface. Once you watch the tutorials, login and fine-tune the following:
  1. Set Up Electronic Bill Pay (Highly Suggested): Avoid manual payment work by setting up Electronic Bill Pay for automatic reoccurring payments for each month's invoice. Learn more from our Billing Invoicing Details article or contact our accounting department if you have issues!
  2. Ad creative list. For stronger new Affiliate acquisition and quicker impact include at least six (6) text ads in your deal feed. (Tools -> Add/Edit Ad Campaigns)
  3. Acceptance email template. Write a more personalized welcome email to give new Affiliate a good first impression and don't forget to include a selection of your best ads. (Account -> Edit Standard Email Templates). Read our blog post for a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your welcome email.
  4. Program manager contact. Be sure your point of contact or “Affiliate program manager” is listed for your account. (Account -> Edit Program Terms)
  5. Affiliate Migrations/On-boarding: We will send you two recruit links once all other integration steps are complete and the program is live. One will be a general recruit link which can be used in newsletters, public recruitment efforts and on any public Affiliate program pages. The other (Private Recruit Link) can only be used to invite vetted Affiliates you specifically wish to work with. The private recruit link should not be shared publicly in any way. It will automatically direct the applicant to your program. If you anticipate needing any additional consultation on recruitment, please feel free to reach out to our Compliance/Applications department with your initial plans and they can work with you to accomplish this. In addition, you can always reach out to with any specific inquiries regarding Affiliate applications.

Important : View a short screencast that demonstrates how to accomplish the last steps.

The best resource for all things AvantLink is the HelpCenter; you can find all of our information at!

In addition to the featured tutorials available in the “Support” section, you may access a continuously growing list of tutorials and how-to videos via the AvantLink YouTube Channel.

More Pre-Launch Suggestions

Additional Logins

Separate logins for each individual are required; we do not recommend or officially support shared logins. This is due to mandatory 2-factor authorization, logging, and account security. To add additional logins, simply use the Account Linker Switcher tool, found under Account tab > Manage Additional Accounts.

Custom Program Terms

By default you are covered by our thorough network level Affiliate Program terms of use, but you can also include your own custom terms of use by submitting a document for inclusion with your program details. Please be sure custom terms are displayed exactly how you want them to read, and email support or submit a ticket.

Performance Incentives

Consider identifying a monthly sales amount threshold that triggers an automated increased commission. For example with an 8% baseline, you could offer an increased 10% payout for sales volume of $10,000 or higher for a given month. To configure performance incentives please email support or submit a ticket with sales amount thresholds and corresponding increased payouts.

Program Management Services

If you are reading this it’s likely you signed up for our Standard Integration service level, which is a self-managed solution. It’s crucial for the continued growth and success of your program to have someone dedicated to ongoing support and relationship management of Affiliates. If you need help in this regard you should consider one of our additional service levels listed below.

Network Rep

We offer dedicated access to an Network Rep to further assist you with program management best practices, program optimization, strategic planning, Affiliate recruiting and more. There is a three (3) month minimum term for the Network Rep service level.

Managed Solution

For qualified Merchants, we offer a very competitive managed solution utilizing an experienced program manager who is an expert on the AvantLink platform. Our managed solution is for services on the AvantLink network only. There is a twelve (12) month minimum term for the Managed Solution service level.

Help & Support: If you have questions on our program management services or need assistance with the last steps, please email integration.

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