Deal of the Day (DOTD) Specifications

The Deal of the Day tool allows Affiliates to easily publish dynamic Deal Of The Day product content to their web site(s).

To Integrate you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Provide an XML feed with the product Deal of the Day information. Sample XML file, XML Schema file.
    • The daily deal product should be on sale and preferably have it’s own landing page that messages that this is a special deal for today only.
    • The feed needs to be updated daily with a new product.
    • The feed needs to be accessible via http or ftp so that our automated campaign update system can access it.
    • Make sure all characters in the XML node values are converted to xml entities:
      " to "
      & to &
      ' to '
      < to &lt;
      > to &gt;

      or that the node values are enclosed in <![CDATA[ ... ]]> blocks.

  2. Provide us with an html template for your Dynamic HTML Ad. You can see an example of the different campaigns including the Dynamic HTML ad here: DOTD Campaign Examples

If you have any questions please contact for help.

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