Suggested Banner Ad Specifications

All banner ad units must be under 150k, and the following file formats are accepted: .png, .gif, .jpg

AvantLink recommended banner ad dimensions listed below. You might also browse the IAB Ad Unit Lists for additional voluntary guidelines.

Standard Banner Ad Campaigns

Recommended Standard Ad Units

  • 300×250 pxls (Medium Rectangle)
  • 180×150 pxls (Rectangle)
  • 728×90 pxls (Leaderboard)
  • 468×60 pxls (Full Banner)
  • 234×60 pxls (Half Banner)
  • 160×600 pxls (Wide Skyscraper)
  • 300×600 pxls (Half Page Ad)
  • 120×60 pxls (Button 2)
  • 88×31 pxls (Micro Bar)

Other Popular Ad Units

  • 120×240 pxls (Vertical Banner)
  • 125×125 pxls (Square Button)
  • 120×600 pxls (Skyscraper)
  • 250×250 pxls (Square Pop-Up)
  • 336×280 pxls (Large Rectangle)

Mobile Banner Ad Campaigns

Mobile ads are becoming increasingly popular with Affiliates. While no official, industry-wide guidelines have been established for standardized mobile ad sizes, the Mobile Marketing Association has put together some basic size and layout recommendations here. For purposes of creating mobile ads on the AvantLink Affiliate Network, we recommend basing ads on the screen resolutions of current Apple and Samsung smartphones and tablet models. All dimensions are based on a portrait screen orientation:


  • Apple iPhone 4S & 5: 640×113 pxls
  • Apple iPad w/ Retina (iPad 4): 1536×204 pxls
  • Apple iPad Mini: 768×120 pxls


  • Samsung Galaxy S4: 1080×192 pxls
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1: 800×128 pxls

General Ad Creation Guidelines

Banners should include one or more clear visual elements of a brand/logo identity or product image(s). The message should be concise and oriented around promotions, new arrivals, top-selling products, seasonal specials, free shipping, etc. In addition always include a call to action like “Browse”, “Click Here” or “Shop Now”.

With the exception of the Micro Bar (which has room for logo only), all other banner ad units should include the three following elements:

  1. Clear visual elements.
  2. Concise message.
  3. Call to action.

Help & Support: If you have questions or need assistance, please email the account set-up contact specified in your integration documentation.

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