Account Setup Checklist

Please refer to the collateral and materials checklist below for account set-up. All files should be delivered to the set-up contact specified in your integration email. Zip files if necessary, or post banner ad units to an http location for easy retrieval.

Please deliver all collateral and materials at once.

We handle the initial configuration of your ad campaigns and program details, and then you complete the Last Steps for Set-up before the program gets moved to live status.

Account Support

Set-up Checklist

  1. Ad Campaign Creative. You can configure and manage three ad types: Image, Text, and HTML. However to get started we suggest 10-12 image ad units (banners), and 4-6 text ad units. Launching with text ads for promotions or special offers will help ramp up faster. Consider creating a Affiliate-exclusive promotion as one of these initial text ad units.
    • Banner Ads (required). Banners must be 150k or smaller, and PNG/GIF/JPG formats are accepted. We offer suggested banner specs. Twenty (20) banner limit for initial program set-up.
    • Text Ads (required). Text-based ad creative with concise message and call to action. Twenty (20) text ad limit for initial program set-up.
    • HTML Ads. Offer HTML ad units with dynamic integration or access to source code.
  2. Program Terms (required). Baseline payout percentage & cookie return days; Optional (but suggested): Average order value, site-wide conversion rate, return rate.
  3. Program Description (required). Two or three paragraphs that describe your retail business and history, as well as the benefits to Affiliates who partner with you. This page should “sell” your program as the authority in your category. View any branded program detail page to see examples of active programs.
  4. Custom Program Terms (recommended). By default you are covered by our thorough network level Affiliate Program terms of use, but we recommend you also include your own custom terms of use to notifying Affiliates about your expectations.

    To accomplish this, submit a document for inclusion with your program details. Please be sure custom terms are displayed exactly how you want them to read, and let the integration team know and email support.

  5. Affiliate Page (required). Page on your site that promotes your Affiliate program on AvantLink. View a live example of a Affiliate page for ideas, or use our boiler plate content.
  6. Company Logo (required). Please submit a high quality company logo on a white or transparent background. PNG/GIF/JPG formats accepted, with 200 pixel width limit.

Note: We use the program description and terms you submit to create a highly-optimized, branded public detail page. This page is linked up from our homepage at first, and then the Merchant index as long as the program is active on the network. To see how Merchant Detail pages look visit our Clients page and click on any Merchant name.

Help & Support: If you have questions or need assistance, please email the account set-up contact specified in your integration documentation.

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