Batch Returns


  • The Batch Return Record File allows Merchants to post batch returns into the AvantLink transaction database.
  • Batch return files can be scheduled to be imported on daily or weekly basis.
  • Return records must be posted to the AvantLink system within 30 days of the original sale transaction date.
  • Files will be uploaded to, in the “returns” directory. (Contact for account login and password information).

CSV Support

As of 8/24/15, we can accept pipe-delimited text, or CSV formatted files for batch processing. If using CSV, please replace the 'pipe character'  |  in the documentation below with a comma, or if building it in a common spreadsheet program, you should be able to just build it in rows and columns and the spreadsheet will save it with the commas. 


Delimited File Layout Specifications:

Column Delimiter: | or ,

Column Layout:

Merchant ID|Transaction/Order ID|Product ID/SKU|Return Item Amount|Return Item Quantity|Return Reason Code

Note: Please include a column header row in your files with the column headers exactly as shown above.

Column Value Specifications:

Column Type Description
Merchant ID integer The Merchant ID supplied by AvantLink
Transaction/Order ID string The transaction or order ID from your e-commerce system.
Product ID/SKU string The return record Product ID or SKU from your e-commerce system. This must match the product ID/SKU provided with the datafeed file.
Return Item Amount float The return order per-item price, with no dollar sign or comma formatting (decimal places are allowed).By default, all currency values should be supplied as US dollars (USD).
Return Item Quantity integer The return order item quantity.
Return Reason Code string The reason the sale item is being reversed. Current codes are: ADJUSTMENT, CANCELED, FRAUD, RETURN.


File Naming Convention:

Pipe delimited: returns_[MERCHANT_ID]_Year_Month_Day.txt (Eg. returns_99999_2013_01_01.txt)

Comma delimited: returns_[MERCHANT_ID]_Year_Month_Day.csv (Eg. returns_99999_2013_01_01.csv)

Sample Data File:

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