How can I make it so my Product Ad Widget just displays the product image and opens directly to the product page?

You can modify your Product Ad Widget (PAW) to just display product images and open up directly to the merchant's website by modifying the PAW HTML templates. To do this perform the following steps.

1. Go to the configuration page for the PAW of interest ("Ad Tools" > "Product Ad Widget" > "Edit Ad Widget" > "Configure/Get Source").
2. Click the "Customize & Preview" tab.
3. Select the "Design Your Own Template" option from the "Template (click an icon):" section.
4. Ensure "No Product Content Widget" is selected from the "Product Content Widget" drop down box.
5. Click the "Customize product element HTML" and swap that code out for the following code.

<div class="al_paw_product_[PAW_ID]">
    <div class="al_paw_buy_link_block_[PAW_ID]">
        <a href="[CLICK_THROUGH_URL]" class="al_paw_link_[PAW_ID]" target="_blank"><img src="[THUMBNAIL_IMAGE_URL]" alt="Product Image"></a>

6. Click the "3. Save & Get Source" tab.

It should be noted that you can modify the template HTML in any manner you would like.

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