Can I change the text color of the search tab of my Product Content Widget?

If you would like to change the color of the text within the "Search" tab of the Product Content Widget (PCW) you can do so by modifying the template. To do this perform the following.

1. Go to the configuration page of the PCW of interest ("Ad Tools" > "Product Content Widget" > "Edit Content Widget" > "Configure").
2. Click the tab of interest. In this case it would be the "Search" tab.
3. Click the "Edit this template" link.
4. You can now use inline styling with a <span> tag to style the content. In this instance we are going to change the product content text to blue. That would look like this.

<span style="color: blue;">[PRODUCT_NAME] from <a href="[CLICK_THROUGH_URL]">[MERCHANT_NAME]</span></a>

5. Click the "Save" button.

It should be noted that you can modify these templates in any manner you would like.

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