Technical Integration for Affiliates

Below affiliates will find technical integration details for AvantLink. For affiliate marketing beginners and those new to the network, you should first review our Welcome Package & Introductory Guide.

Please reference the information below when integrating your website, service or platform with AvantLink. This document includes a breakdown of our tracking link parameters & tool type values, links to our publisher API modules and instructions on how to test tracking.


IMPORTANT: The primary component of an AvantLink tracking URL is the “Publisher Website ID”, which will show as the “pw” parameter in all tracking links (pw=XXXX). If you are an affiliate tool provider, users of your service need to supply website ID instead of affiliate/publisher ID which are commonly used in other networks.


Tracking URLs

Tracking URL Example (built with Custom Link Builder tool):

Not all AvantLink ad tools use the exact same set of parameters; the above is indicative of Custom Link URLs only.

Parameters for Custom Link Above:

  • “tt=cl” – “tt” stands for tool type and “cl” stands for custom link
  • “mi=11707″ – “mi” stands for merchant id. 11707 is the merchant id for Under Armour
  • “pw=9649″ – “pw” stands for publisher website and 9649 is the website id for the site chosen for this link
  • “ctc=test-1234″ – “ctc” is optional and stands for custom tracking code – may be populated with any alphanumeric value of 64 characters (plus periods, spaces, hyphens & underscores – the latter two of which are just converted to spaces) or less
  • “url=http%3A…” – “url” stands for the destination URL and the value of the parameter is the encoded destination Merchant URL

Tool Type Parameter Values (browse all AvantLink publisher tools):


Publisher API

The AvantLink API provides advanced data input and retrieval functionality for members of the network. The API framework itself is constructed in a REST-style architecture, so usage is entirely platform independent and open to development with any programming language. For a complete listing of API functionality and example usage, see our API Documentation.

API Modules for Affiliates:


Tracking Confirmation

Once integration is complete, verify tracking is working correctly by using the following checklist:

  • Click on a Merchant tracking link from AvantLink.
  • Once on Merchant website find the “avad=” parameter value from the landing page URL (or from the cookie).
  • Paste the “avad=” value into the “Tracking ID Details” tool, available by clicking “Account” on main menu, then “Tracking ID Details”.
  • Verify that everything looks correct from the “Tracking ID Details” report.

If clicks are recorded correctly then sale/commission tracking is working! Those interested in full transaction/commission verification must place their own order.

IMPORTANT: For standard click and sale transaction reporting it may take up to ten (10) minutes for the data to show up in our system.


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