Why isn't Google Analytic reporting matching AvantLink reporting?

There are several reasons why Google Analytics numbers may not match Avantlink's reporting.

1. Affiliates are able to use affiliate links on a number of different outlets, not just their websites. Therefore, if Google Analytics is using referrer URLs to track click-throughs they wouldn't be able to know whether all of those click-throughs are from the affiliate channel.

2. We track sales based on an associated cookie that is set on our domain as well as the Merchant's domain. Therefore, if a customer clicked an affiliate link (which we redirect to the merchant website) and then closes the browser or navigates away from the merchant website and then returns weeks later to make a purchase that sale would still be an affiliate sale (as long as the affiliate cookie is still live). Therefore, I am not sure how Google Analytics associates a click through to a sale, but if it isn't based on a cookie that sale might not be attributed to the an affiliate sale.

3. Affiliate links are first directed to avantlink.com before we redirect to the Merchant. This may throw Google Analtyics off if they are associating click-throughs with the referrer URL.

If you would like we can add 'utm' parameters to incoming affiliate links that might be helpful for Google Analytics to track sales more accurately. If you would like to do this please email support@avantlink.com

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