What should I do if an affiliate sale doesn't track?

It is important to us that our affiliates are rewarded for referred sales. I would first recommend that you ensure that those affiliate links are tracking properly that can be done by performing the following steps.

Tracking Confirmation

Once integration is complete, verify tracking is working correctly by using the following checklist:

  • Click on a merchant tracking link from AvantLink.
  • Once on merchant website find the “avad=” parameter value from the landing page URL (or from the cookie).
  • Paste the “avad=” value into the “Tracking ID Details” tool, available by clicking “Account” on main menu, then “Tracking ID Details”.
  • Verify that everything looks correct from the “Tracking ID Details” report.

If clicks are recorded correctly then sale/commission tracking is working! Those interested in full transaction/commission verification must place their own order.


    : For standard click and sale transaction reporting it may take up to ten (10) minutes for the data to show up in our system.

If your affiliate links are tracking properly then the affiliate order didn't track because the affiliate cookie wasn't active (perhaps a cookie blocker on the customer's computer) or the JavaScript didn't fully load on the order confirmation page. In regards, to this order I would recommend reporting this data to the Merchant and seeing if they can determine why it was not tracked as an affiliate order. The Merchant can then determine whether they want to accept or reject this sale. You can report a missed sale to the Merchant through the affiliate interface by going to "Account" > "Missing Transaction Inquiries" > "here".

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