Shopify Integration Datafeed

How-to Provide AvantLink With Your Shopify API Key

We can get you sorted and a few easy steps.

  1. Shopify Step 1.png
    • Login
    • Select Apps On the Left
    • Click Manage Private Apps
  2. Shopify Step 2.png
    • Click Create A New Private App
  3. Shopify Step 3.png
    • Fill out the two fields
    • Adjust Permissions
    • Verify "Read-Only" Permissions are set for Products, Variants, Collections
    • Click "SAVE"
  4. Shopify Step 4.png
    • Verify The Checkbox is NOT Checked
    • Validate That Permissions Are Set accordingly
    • Copy API_KEY & Password

Setting up Item Based Commission

  1. Choose a custom Metafield Plugin from Shopify - There are many options in the App Market.
  2. Simply add a Metafield called "Commission Rate" (Case Sensitive) for any item you would like to enable Item Based Commission. See Item Based Commission specs here for reference on how to format this
  3. Email that this is set up to get item based commission activated







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