How-to Provide AvantLink With Your Shopify API Key

So when you are in your store.


Navigate to  "Apps" which will show you a bunch of adds if you have no public applications.

> at the very bottom you need to select

> "Working with a developer on your shop? Manage private apps"

Then you will be on the URL:

> "Create a new private app"


Create private app



"Private app name"

"Contact email (optional)"


Admin API

"Permissions" you do not need to change

> Default: as it grants 4 read only access to the basics

> You do not have to change

>"▼ Review disabled Admin API permissions" 


Storefront API

Do not check this, as it is not required for us.

> "Allow this app to access your storefront data using the Storefront API" 



You are all done! View the Avantlink Key created for your store.

Send us the: 

API key:     X0X0000X00XX00X00XXXX00000X000X0

Password : 000XX0X0X0000XXX0XX00X00X000X000


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