Connecting With Merchants

There are two ways to become associated with a merchant program through AvantLink:


1) Accept a recruitment offer from the merchant.

Merchants have the ability to see affiliates who are available for recruiting through their AvantLink dashboard. If a merchant chooses to invite you to their program, you will receive an email indicating as much, and the invitation will show up in your dashboard under “Pending Offers” (see screenshot).


**IMPORTANT NOTE** - If you have unchecked the “Allow merchants to send me emails” checkbox under Account > Contact Information > Email Notification Preferences (see screenshot), you WILL NOT show up as an available recruit in the Merchant interface.



2) Apply to the merchant program.

As an affiliate, you have the ability to apply to merchant programs through your AvantLink dashboard. To see a list of available merchants, click on the Merchants tab from your dashboard. You will be routed to a page that should load a list of all merchants that you are able to apply to, as well as several tools for searching and filtering this list. To view terms and apply to a program, just click “Details/Apply” beside the merchant program you are interested in (see screenshot).


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