All About Deduplication

What Is Deduplication?

Deduplication, in the context of your AvantLink program, is the process of ensuring that a single sale is not improperly attributed to more than one affiliate. In other words, it's a means of avoiding paying commission twice on the same sale.

Why Do I Need It?

Deduplication is only necessary if you have an affiliate program on two or more affiliate networks. If you are only using AvantLink, you don't need to worry about implementing this unless you are planning to begin working with another affiliate network in the near future.

You need deduplication to make sure that your affiliate sales are not being credited to more than one network, which would lead to you being charged multiple commissions on the same sale. Not implementing deduplication may also impact the accuracy of your reporting by causing sales to show up in more than one network.

How Do I Implement It?

Deduplication can be implemented via either of two basic approaches:

  1. Implement your own deduplication logic on your end.

  2. Use AvantMetrics to perform deduplication across configured tracking pixels on our end.

Deduplication via Custom Logic

This approach involves passing the "track:N" parameter with your order information in the _AvantMetrics array (located in the Order Confirmation script), which will prevent our system from tracking the sale.

However, you will need to write logic on your end that decides when to pass the "track:N" parameter. For example, you might write a script that checks cookie expiration (our cookie is named "avmws") to determine who to credit the sale to. You might even consider setting your own cookie that tracks which network the last click came from, overwriting itself each time a clickthrough happens from a different affiliate network. Then, you can use that cookie to determine which tracking pixel to fire on the order confirmation page.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Our only requirement for this method is that you pass the "track:N" parameter if you don't want the sale to be credited to our network.

Deduplication via AvantMetrics

The second approach employs our premium reporting service, AvantMetrics, to automatically deduplicate across all configured tracking pixels. AvantMetrics takes care of this entirely, so there is no need for you to implement any custom code on your side. Using AvantMetrics also enables you to implement shared attribution models, so you can split commissions between the various affiliates that influenced the sale. If you are interested in using this approach, contact us at

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